Thursday, February 5, 2009

200 Cuts

No-Sew Polar Fleece Scarf Project ...

I just finished cutting over 200 pieces of fabric for a no-sew polar fleece scarf project I will be doing with over 40 girls at a sleep-away girl scout camp this weekend!! I got the idea from this video I found on Youtube. I love the idea because the girls will get to sew their own scarves by weaving coordinating fleece up both sides of the fabric. And then they will cut and tie each end of the scarf.

The average temperature in my area has been around 5 degrees! So we figured there better be plenty of indoor activities for the girls. I offered to help out with the indoor activities since I'm not fond of the skiing portion of the day (after having my ACL reconstructed I'm a nervous to do anything slippery!)

I hope the project goes well. I will let you know next week how the girls did. Keep your fingers crossed for warmer weather and sunshine! :)

Have A Nice Weekend!

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Paula said...

A couple of weeks ago, we (my Sisters On The Fly) group made the no-sew blankets...check out my blog at The teens at the girl's home and the teen mothers at the Maternity home loved them! Paula