Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Laundry Room Makeover Part 1

After many weeks of organizing and cleaning our house, we (mainly me) have been inspired to repaint our laundry room and small bathroom. The laundry room has been in desperate need for a makeover for a while now. It seems the best for me to organize is to clean out and do a big makeover all at the same time. Why make it easy?? My husband just loves it when I come up with these ideas! Only the best DH in the world would put up with my 'ideas'. This past fall we had new doors installed in this room and have not had the chance, until now, to get in there to stain the woodwork and so on, so its a good time to get it all done.

Here are the Before pictures of the laundry room.

Some how I need to get all of this stuff put back into this room on these shelves. How will I do that??!?

'After' pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Giveway

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Sew Spoiled is giving away this awesome bag. I hope I win!!
Check out Sew Spoiled's blog, she is a great inspiration and she has some wonderful sewing patterns you can purchase at
You Can Make

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time To Sow

Just a few years ago (ok, a number of years ago) I was excited about spring break and hanging with my friends some place warm & sunny ... things haven't changed too much. Now I'm a SHAM in her 40's who is so looking forward to some warm weather and hanging out with my favorite people (my kids & hubby) in our own sunny warm backyard, playing on the swing set, kicking the soccer ball around, riding bikes, and hanging on the deck.

When the kids are at school, hubby is at work, working on my apron business, and my daily family chores are complete, I will spend every spare moment gardening (it is my ultimate passion). Gardening can be a costly hobby so I grow almost all of my annuals & perennials from seed. I placed my seed orders last week at Swallowtail Garden Seeds and Park Seeds. I have many many many seeds in my stash to choose from as well.

Speaking of stash - doesn't that sound familiar to all of you that sew ?!?? Admit it ... you have a stash! The 'stash' (fabric, seeds, planters, collections, toys, etc.) has gotten out of control at our house so I've gone cold turkey on the sewing projects for a couple of weeks so I can get our house in order. It started out I was going to spend a couple days organizing my sewing area which is also my seed starting area so it's a must to get that fabric organized to lend some space. Now two weeks later we're still on a mission organization frenzy. This only happened because I had to completely empty out 2 living rooms and 1 dining room in order to get our carpet fixed and re-stretched throughout the first floor of our house. The night before the carpet repair men came out, it took my hubby and I about 7 hoursto empty out these rooms. It took a lot of creativity to store the furniture and all of my junk. I have to admit I'm ashamed of how much stuff I had stashed away in corners, cubbies, china cabinets, etc. so I'm totally inspired to get get rid of junk and tidy up the house.

My one goal with getting the house organized so that I can start sowing seeds and getting ready for the gardening season. Once it gets nice outside it's hard for me to stay in the house so I hope my mission organization will help keep us on track so we can all enjoy the spring weather (when it gets here).

To help get on track I had to go cold turkey on the sewing projects for a couple weeks. I have a couple outstanding orders for some friends so I hope they understand I needed to take a break and plan to be back to sewing machine next week to finish up those orders and start on my spring aprons. And of course, I'll start to squeeze in a little seed starting as well. I highly encourage you to sow a few seeds .. it's just as fun to sow as it is to sew!

Here's a good video from Organic Gardening Magazine on how to start your own seeds:

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Fever ....

I can't believe it's been almost 1 month since my last post. We've been very busy with rapping up the end of the winter season with kids sports, cleaning house, organizing and buying a new van. Spring fever has set it and we are hoping it is VERY near.

Both kids have been extremely busy with school work and playing a great season recreational basketball and cheering. 'M' has improved a great deal in his basketball skills this year and has built up better confidence when playing. He really seemed to enjoy playing this season. This was the first season 'S' played basketball - she totally loved it and had a great time playing. She was also on the pee-wee cheering team and ended the season with a great show at our annual local cheering competition. Good job kid-o's! :)

Here they are playing a little one on one ...

Cheering ...

I just wanted to right a quick post to update my blog. I'll be back with more soon!