Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Laundry Room Makeover Part 2

Laundry Room - After

I haven't posted in a long while. We've just been busy with every day living (Easter, Birthdays, Spring Break, Visitors, and etc.). A few weeks ago we finished up the laundry room. It's not exactly a complete makeover but we did get the room painted and all of the 'stuff' put back in and organized. This was definitely a quick and economical makeover - paint and a few baskets for organizing. So it's not too exciting but it looks better and it's nice to have the place cleaned up.

This is the Before laundry room .. (you can see more before pictures in an earlier post)

I love Paula Prass' studio/laundry makeover. I wish I had this room! I was inspired by her boxes with labels for organizing. To keep in our budget I shopped around until I found these baskets at Big Lots. They fit on the shelves that we already had everything fits perfectly in these cute baskets. I used card stock, scrapping booking stickers and ribbons to label what is in each box.

Not quite Paula Prass but it's neat and clean! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mommy and Me Aprons

The Missy, Chloe & Chance (Mom, daughter & son)

I had a request from a friend to make aprons for her and her children. I thought, geez ... why did I not think of doing this before! Mom had the kids pick out the fabric. Both kids (son and daughter) loved the Cinzia Berry by Alexander Henry. Mom & I chose Lizzy Dish by Elizabeth House and Purple Cute Deer and Shrooms by Jay McCarroll for the accent fabrics. All of these fabrics are so brilliant! And the child size aprons (aka "Minnies") are so cute - mostly because of their size.

I had so much fun making these. I will warn you, I went a little overboard on the pictures. Have a look and let me know what you think.

This is the first time I've made children size aprons. I adapted the child size aprons from this lovely free apron from Sew Liberated ...

I used her basic free pattern and then I added 2 front pockets to each apron. And on the daughter apron I added a ruffle. I think they came out really cute.

The "Chloe" Minnie ...

The "Chance" Minnie ...

The "Missy" (Mom) ...

As a little surprise for the kids, I made them each a chef hat using this free child size chef hat pattern from

Making these aprons has given me some inspiration to start making aprons for spring and summer. I'm thinking some gardening aprons are in order for this time of year. I worked in the yard all day today and I can't tell you the number of times I misplaced my garden scissors. I kept thinking if I only some place to keep them while I was working out here - then a light bulb went on - garden apron! I must finish my laundry room first before digging out the fabric again (I am very close to finishing)!