Monday, September 7, 2009

Ikea Conshohoken, PA

During our trip to Dorney Park in PA I was able to convince my family to go to the Ikea in Conshoken, PA for a few hours. The hubby & kids don't want to admit but they had fun looking.

Here we all sit and pose in Ikea .. some nice man offered to take our picture together (we don't have too many of these)

My son has picked out this room for his room-to-be some day:

My daughter would love have this bed.

We are in the process of re-decorating her room and we are going to set up something like this for her to do her hair, nails and (someday) makeup:

Now I much much would like to have this for my kitchen. This counter top extender would do wonders in my small kitchen:

We all would like this nice simple cozy room to relax in:

And this room to play in ..

Now for the fun part . FABRIC ... I came home with way too much (wait, you can't have too much fabric). Here are a few samples of what I picked up during my visit:

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