Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where Women Create

Over the past year I've met and read about so many talented women that create handmade goods either for themselves, friends, family or sell their handmade creations. It's just amazing what talent is out there. And the internet has been a great avenue for all of these women to 'meet' one another and learn from one another. My inspirations mainly come from seeing what these women are capable of the creating. So I've become a total internet junkie.. reading blogs, tweeting, facebooking, etc. But now and again I really like to sit down and hold a magazine in my hands and read articles and gaze at pictures and flip pages back and forth and not have to worry about bookmarking a link on my computer so I can find my way back. There's something to be said about holding a magazine or book in your hands. It really is satisfying. Last year a creative friend of mine introduced me this wonderful magazine called Where Women Create... wow !! ... I look forward to each and every issue. Each issue is filled with total inspiration . The magazine will introduce to you so many talented women and what they create, what inspires them, tips and tricks and best of all you get take a look inside their amazing studios. You really need to buy this magazine!!

You can find Where Women Create on twitter, facebook, and their blog. They are very active on the internet so there's always something to read that will inspire you!

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