Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dash of Deadly Jello-Brain and Tickled Pink Punch {Recipe}

Just because it's Pink-O-Ween doesn't mean it's Wimp-O-Ween. Keep a little creep factor to capture the Halloween spirit with creepy-crawly beverages and quivering Jell-O molds made palatable in pastels and purples.

Jell-O Brain

The Jell-O brain was made with grape Jell-O and a brain mold (available at craft stores and Walmart in the Halloween decoration section). The grape-matter looks black when displayed on the table, in keeping with the black and pink theme.

Tickled Pink Punch

This punch is very simple, yet does the trick. Mix Country Time (or any brand) pink lemonade drink mix (made according to the directions on the container) and garnish with spider ice cubes.

To make spider cubes, place plastic spiders (wash first) in ice cube trays, fill with water and freeze.

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