Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Every year we get out our family's New Years Eve party kit that contains party hats, noise makers, necklaces, etc. We're not sure how this has become our tradition, but it is what we do every year. My brother and his family come every New Years and that is also when we exchange our Christmas presents so it's like having Christmas all over again. The boys totally enjoyed themselves for the 48 hours we were together.

My kids really liked their "Slankies" so once again, last minute I whipped up 3 more Slankies for my 2 nephews and niece. I needed a quick way to do something with the boys Slankies so they would know who's belonged to who. I have an embroidery machine and thought about embroidering their intials but time was short so I drove down to JoAnn Fabric's and purchased some iron on embroidered intials. Not the same as real embriodery but they did the trick...

I think I've blogged enough about the Slankies!!! I promise no more!

Happy 2009 to all!

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