Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Feeling Crafty ...

I have quite a number of friends that sew, garden, stamp, scrapbook, etc. and I've come to realize (light bulb moment ... hee hee) that every one of these hobbiest use some type of tool, whether it be a pair of scissors, pens, pencils, or a garden shovel that they need at right in hand while working. This utility apron has 10 pockets, 4 of which are angled so that you don't get poked by sharp pointy objects, such as, pens/pencils, scissors when you sit or bend down while you are working.

I made this utility apron for a birthday gift for a friend that loves to stamp and scrapbook...

This apron is also great to wear at craft shows, farmer's market, teaching, etc. The remaining pockets are large enough to carry money or small enough to hold your cell phone.

This has inspired me to make several more and I have recently added a few to my Etsy shop.

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