Friday, June 17, 2011

Cupcake Wars & {Giveaway}

My son will be moving up from middle school and into the high school next year. Next week is their Moving Up Ceremony. During the celebration they can participate in a cupcake wars game. We all know cupcakes are hot, hot, hot right now and there's so many great ideas that people come up with. To be honest I haven't come up with any ideas on my own but I couldn't resist in participating in the cupcake making. I LOVE to make cupcakes! Why is that? I have no idea!

A few months ago I made these Rainbow Cupcakes for my Taste Tempters Cooking Club and have been thinking I may make these in addition to two other types (still deciding on the other two). The recipe for these rainbow cupcakes can found at Our Best Bites. They are delicious!

I don't know if it's coincidental or what, but I keep running into cupcake ideas on the internet, FB, cook books, friends, etc. Today in my FB, this Marvelous Monday GIVEAWAY from A to Zebra Celebrations came up. So be sure to check out her awesome Giveaway of a $75 gift certificate to the Cupcake Stand shop. If I don't win, then I hope you do! :) :)

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