Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back To School

Today was Back To School day for my kids. My son started his first day of high school. And yes, I am in disbelief that he is already 14. I swear just a blink ago I was putting him on the school bus for his first day of Kindergarten. Today, I kind of had that some deep in the gut feeling, as I did 9 years ago .. how will he make it through his first day, will he eat his lunch, will he find his way, will he miss me (yeah, right?!?). Well, just like his first day of Kindergarten, all went perfect and he had an awesome day! As for my daughter, today was old hat for her. She started her second year of middle school today. There's still some anxieties with unknowing, forgetting your locker number, who's in your class, etc. But overall it was smooth transition. She is my organized child (not that my son isn't. But she is SUPER organized). She has her folders, binders, notebooks all color coordinated, schedule memorized and printed and stashed in all various places (just in case), pencils sharpened, chap stick, hair brush, mirror .. all locker necessities in order.

So where does one stash all the necessities in one's locker? There are SOoooo many locker organizational gadgets for lockers. Shelves, ladders, magnetic hooks, mirrors, pencil boxes, they even have Magnetic Motion Sensor Locker Chandeliers (really!). But my daughter wanted something unique in her locker...what, no chandelier??? Nope, no chandelier (I'm thinking she doesn't about the chandelier) ... instead she asked her mom to make her something...yep, that's right. So she picked out some cool fabric I purchased from Ikea this summer and I made her this fabric school supplies organizer (not quite a magnetic motion sensor chandelier): But it's cute, fits perfect and she loves it:

I modified my fabric Bloom Pouch pattern to make the organizer. I will be adding these to my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks. They make great storage for many things (desk supplies, books, magazines, DVDs, keys, cell phones, small toys, socks, and more).

Happy Back to School!

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