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Easter Sock Cupcakes

rolled making sure to keep the bottom flat (so that the cupcake stands upright). - See more at:

Looking for a guilt free sweet treat for your kids Easter basket? How about an adorable Easter Sock Cupcake. These are adorable treats are great for little ones, teens, and even grown ups. Easter Sock Cupcakes have a only a few ingredients and are easy to make. 

Easter Sock Cupcakes ...

  • Socks (1 pair of fuzzy socks, or 2-3 ankle socks)
  • Rubber band
  • Decorative Paper
  • Tape or Hot Glue
  • Clear Treat Bag (optional)

There's a great DIY step by step tutorial over on Seven Thirty Three's blog or you may follow my steps below (sorry no pictures).

For my cupcakes I used 3 pair of no-show ankle socks. You can use 1 pair of fuzzy socks or any socks of your choice.
making sure to keep the bottom flat (so that the cupcake stands upright). - See more at:
  1. Cut your decorative paper into a 12 x 12.5 inch strip. See steps at bottom of this post.
  2. Starting at the toe, roll the pair(s) of socks up making sure that each layer that forms is just slightly below the layer above it. This makes the 'cupcake frosting'.
  3. Once you are done rolling the socks, secure the rolled socks by placing a rubber band (or hair tie) around the bottom half of the rolled socks.
  4. Get your 12 x 2.5 inch decorative paper that you cut out. Wrap it around the bottom half of rolled socks and secure with tape a dab of hot glue. The socks should be sticking up out of the top so that they look like frosting.
  5. Place a wrapped chocolate Easter candy on top, or insert a lollipop through the center of the rolled socks (this will be your cherry on top so use whatever wrapped candy you would like)
  6. Now place the Sock Cupcake in a clear plastic treat bag and tie with coordinating ribbon and gift card. On the gift card write "This cupcake is not eat. It was 'baked' with love to warm your feet!"

These Sock Cupcakes are great gifts for children, teachers, moms, sisters, brothers for Easter, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, etc. Have fun and be creative with your cuppies!

Decorative Paper Strips for Cupcake Liners / Holders:

The decorative paper, printables and gift cards used here are from Anders Ruff's Easter Has Sprung design collection. You can purchase them here

Print the pink, green and/or blue gingham paper from the Easter Has Sprung collection (or purchase decorative paper from your favorite craft store). Cut each printed paper into 12 x 2.5 inch strips with or scissors. Using a paper punch cutter, punch a decorative border on one side - this will be the top of your cupcake holder.

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