Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paper Covered Clothespin Tutorial

Paper Covered Clothespin Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make paper covered clothespins to be used to clip Anders Ruff Advent Calendar Treat Cones to an Advent tree, garland, calender, etc.

Note: This tutorial could be used to make any paper covered clothespin clip with scrapbook paper, decorative card stock, printable paper, or any type decorative heavy weight paper.

I like to work in assembly line .. Here is my workspace laid out to make the first set of Advent Cones and paper covered clothespin clips.

You will need:
Wooden clothespins
Decorative paper (I prefer heavy weight or cardstock)
Craft/Scrapbook tape-runner adhesive
1/8 or 1/4 inch ribbon

For each clothespin, cut out a 3 inch by 1 inch piece of cardstock or heavy weight decorative paper. I found that each Anders Ruff water bottle printable image worked perfect to make four strips for four clothespins.

Next, you will attach the 3 inch x 1 inch strip of decorative card stock paper to the clothespin using an all-purpose scrapbook/craft tape-runner adhesive. On the back side of the paper strip, place a strip of adhesive down the middle(longways).

Note: You could glue or decoupage to do the paper to clothespin(s). I was short on time and found this to be quick and the craft tape-runner adhered quite while.

Place your clothespin on top of the adhesive that you just placed down the back side of decorative paper strip.

At this point press firmly so that the paper adheres well to the clothespin...

I know, the paper strip is wider than the clothespin. You are going to take care of that now but doing some trimming ...

Turn the clothespin upside down so that the decorative paper side is facing down. Now with an X-acto knife, razor blade, mini rotary cutter, or any utility knife, trim the paper close to the edge of the clothespin.

See...A nice smooth cut and the paper fits perfectly

Don't worry that it doesn't cover the top of the clothespin .. you will be covering this up later. If you wish to not decorate the top of the clothespin you will want to cut the strip longer (such as 4 inches) in the previous step.

Next, cut one of the circles from the Classic Holiday collection printabales (you can use the circles on the water bottle printables or any of the cards in this collection).

Next, place a strip of adhesive down the middle on the backside of the cut out circle.

Place the circle on the center top of the clothespin...make sure to press firmly so that the circle cut out sticks well to the clothespin.

Next, cut a 12 inch piece of ribbon (i used 1/8 inch grosgrain ribbon) and tie it around the top side of the clothespin.

Make a bow

Trim the ribbon ...

Get your Advent treat cone and clip on your finished paper covered clothespin to the cone ...

Your done! It's that easy!!

Here are some finished paper covered clothespin clips with their Advent Cones ....

I used Anders Ruff Advent Treat Cones and embellished clothespins to make an Advent Tree.


Anders Ruff Custom Designs said...

THIS IS THE CUTEST THING!!!! Thanks so much for sharing how to use our printables to do something unique!!! GREAT job!

Maureen Anders
Anders Ruff Custom Designs

von Hand zu Hand said...

that looks very pretty!

I linked to your tutorial on my blog - thanks for sharing!

doro K.