Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Messenger Bag

This week my kids are on Spring Break. We have a few day trips planned for the week which always involve shopping some how or me carrying water bottles, snacks, wrappers, packages... I really dislike carrying small bags, packages around when sight seeing but I like the idea of having a roomy sling type bag to carry those little souvenirs and whatnots. I made a messenger bag using this quick and easy tutorial from Fabricworm. It really came out nice and I had it finished within two hours. You can add as many pockets, zippers, etc. that you want to this pattern (which I plan to do on my next bag).

It's Spring Break week so this is just a short post since it's family time this week. I must pack and get ready for our next adventure - NYC it is!

By the way, Fabricworm has great fabric and wonderful service (I am not affiliated - I just love her online shop.)

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